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This is a list (with media links) of some of the worst examples of violence & terrorism from right wing extremists in the UK in the 21st Century.

This is adapted (and updated with the chronology fixed) from a Twitter thread which can be found here but we thought it would be useful to have a back up copy which was also easier to navigate. Please let us know of any other examples of serious extreme right violence and terrorism we should add to this.

2002. David Tovey, a white supremacist who stockpiled guns and explosives to launch a potentially murderous race war was jailed for 11 years.

2005. 5 members of neo-Nazi Racial Volunteer Force, Mark Atkinson, Nigel Piggins, Jonathan Hill, Steven Bostock, & Michael Denis jailed for distributing racist mag Stormer which contained bomb-making instructions.

2006. Terry Collins, a former BNP member, was jailed for 5 yrs after a serial campaign of racial harassment against 3 families in Eastbourne. His friend Allen Boyce was convicted for encouraging him to bomb asylum seekers.

2007 (Jan). Mark Bulman, sentenced to 5 years in prison for an arson attack on a mosque. He used a BNP leaflet as the fuse in his petrol bomb.

2007 (Feb). John Laidlaw found guilty on 3 counts of attempted murder after a shooting spree and given an indeterminate prison sentence for the protection of the public. He had threatened to “kill all black people” and claimed to be a member of the BNP.

2007 (Jul). Robert Cottage, a former BNP candidate, who had kept explosive chemicals and ball bearings in anticipation of a future civil war was jailed for 2 ½ years.

2008 (Jun). Postman Jefferson Azevedo jailed for 4 yrs after he posted letters and packages containing “overtly racist & depraved threats” to 150 targets. He also sent packages laced with white powder & placed a hoax bomb on a bridge.

2008 (Jun). Nazi sympathiser and paedophile, Martyn Gilleard, who made nail bombs to attack black, Asian and Jewish people was jailed for 16 years. He was found guilty of terrorist offences & also of possessing child pornography.

2008 (Dec). Neo-Nazi, Nathan Worrell, who hoarded bombmaking materials & waged a racist campaign against a mixed-race couple was jailed for 7 years. He was guilty of possession of material for terrorist purposes & racially aggravated harassment.

2009 (May). Neo-nazi Ian Davison jailed for ten years for making chemical weapon. White supremacist made ricin and recruited teenage son to help run Aryan Strike Force, which idolised Hitler.

2009 (Sep). Neil Lewington given an indefinite jail sentence. Police discovered a bomb factory in his bedroom & notebook entitled Waffen SS UK Members’ Handbook. He planned to make shrapnel bombs & target Asian families.

2010 (Jan). Terrance Gavan, a BNP member, sentenced to 11 years for making bombs and guns. Police found 54 explosive devices from nail bombs to a booby-trapped cigarette packet at his home.

2010 (Feb). Darren Tinkler, a far-right activist, sentenced to 3 years in prison for making explosives in his home, including a pipe bomb.

2010 (Jun). Michael Heaton & Trevor Hannington, Aryan Strike Force members who posted racist internet messages calling Jews “scum” and encouraging people to kill them, were jailed for 30 months & two years.

2013. Pavlo Lapshyn, a Ukrainian student, was jailed for at least 40 years for murdering an 82-year-old Asian man & planting 3 bombs near mosques in the West Midlands.

2014 (May). Ian Forman, a neo-nazi, was jailed for ten years after making a homemade bomb & plotting to blow up mosques on Merseyside.

2014 (Oct.) Neo-nazi troll Garron Helm was sentenced to four weeks in prison after sending an abusive antisemitic Tweet to Jewish MP, Luciana Berger. He tweeted a picture of the MP with a Holocaust yellow star superimposed on her forehead, with the hashtag “Hitler was right”. He would later be charged but acquitted of membership of National Action after it was banned.

2014 (Nov). Ryan McGee, a soldier & EDL supporter who wrote of murdering immigrants & praised Hitler, jailed for two years after building a viable nailbomb packed with 181 pieces of shrapnel.

2015. Zack Davies, ‘a Nazi-obsessed loner’, & supporter of nazi group National Action, found guilty of racist attack that almost killed an Asian man. He screamed ‘white power’ before attacking with a machete.

2016 (Nov). Thomas Mair, a white supremacist, jailed for life after murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in the run up to the Brexit referendum. He shouted ‘Britain First’ during the attack.

2016 (Dec). Neo-nazi group National Action, which had celebrated the murder of Jo Cox, became first extreme right party to be banned in UK since WW2.

2017 (Feb). Darren Osborne terror attack which left one man dead & 12 injured after he drove a van into people outside a mosque in Finsbury Park. He was radicalised after viewing Tommy Robinson videos & found guilty in Feb 2018.

2017 (Feb). Sean Creighton, jailed for 5 years after pleading guilty to hate crimes including possessing a terrorist manual. He admitted to posting racist, Islamophobic, homophobic & anti-Semitic material on social media. He was member of NF & idolised Hitler.

2017 (Sep). Aliases of National Action, Scottish Dawn and NS 131 (NS Anti-Capitalist Action) were also banned. Neo-nazis had been trying to regroup under those names.

2018 (Mar). Paul Moore jailed for 20 years for attempted murder after racist attack in 2017 in Leicester which was “fuelled by anti-Muslim hatred”. He drove car at a Somali woman who suffered life-changing injuries. He also drove car at a 12-yr old Somali girl.

2018 (Apr). Connor Ward convicted of planning terrorism and jailed for life with minimum sentence of 6 years. He acquired components for potential bombs & kept list of Scottish mosques & had notebook stating, “This is dedicated to all that follow Mohammed and Islamic faith. You will all soon suffer your demise.”

2018 (May). Wayne Bell jailed for four years and three months for neo-Nazi group social media posts. He was described as a “poster boy” for National Action and posted hundreds of racist and antisemitic messages.

2018 (May). Ethan Stables, a ‘homophobic, racist Nazi’ given indefinite hospital order after being found guilty of preparing an act of terrorism, threats to kill and possessing explosives. He planned to attack a gay pride event.

2018 (Jun). Jack Renshaw, alleged to be a member of National Action, pleaded guilty to preparing acts of terrorism and making threats to kill a police officer. It was alleged he planned to kill Labour MP, Rosie Cooper. Due to other trials he was not sentenced until 2019.

2018 (Jul). Christopher Lythgoe, was jailed for 8 years & Matthew Hankinson for 6 years after being found guilty of belonging to nazi terror group National Action.

2018 (Jul). Jack Coulson, a teenager who made a pipe bomb in his Nazi memorabilia-filled bedroom was sent to youth custody for four years and eight months. The 19-year-old admitted possessing a document or record for terror. He was previously found guilty in 2017 of constructing an explosive device and given a youth rehabilitation order. He was described as a member of National Action.

2018 (Jul). Thomas Wyllie and Alex Bolland, both 15, plotted a Columbine-style massacre and planned to shoot and kill pupils and teachers at the school in Northallerton, North Yorkshire. Prosecutors said Wyllie, who was described as the ring-leader, was motivated by a “far right-wing” and “twisted ideology”. Wyllie was handed a 12-year custodial sentence while his co-defendant was given 10 years.

2018 (Aug). Peter Morgan, a right-wing extremist caught with a bomb-making kit in his Edinburgh flat was sentenced to 12 years in jail. A Nazi flag, far-right literature & terrorist training manuals were also found.

2018 (Aug). Austin Ross, was jailed for six years after he admitted setting fire to a Masonic hall and school in Newport, daubing swastikas and racist slogans and putting up posters on buildings which proclaimed “Hitler did nothing wrong”. He was connected to the small neo-nazi group System Resistance Network (SRN).

2018 (Sep). Steven Bracher, a “man with extreme racist and homophobic views” was jailed for more than three years for making bombs and stockpiling weapons including crossbows and knives at his home in a Devon village. 17 “viable” improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were found at his home.

2018 (Nov). Lance Corporal Mikko Vehvilainen, a soldier, was convicted of being a member of neo-Nazi group National Action & sentenced to 8 years in prison. It was alleged he tried to recruit for NA while in the army.

2018 (Nov). Alexander Deakin sentenced to 8 years for membership of nazi group National Action & 12 months for posting racist stickers at Aston University. He was hiding in a broom cupboard when found by police.

2018 (Dec). 6 nazis jailed for membership of terror group National Action. Adam Thomas & Claudia Patatas, who named their baby after Hitler, were jailed for 6.5 years and 5 years. Daniel Bogunovic, a “committed National Action leader, propagandist and strategist”, was jailed for six years and four months. Darren Fletcher,  described by the judge as an “extreme member”, was sentenced to five years. Nathan Pryke, the group’s “security enforcer” was given five years and five months and Joel Wilmore, the “banker” and “cyber security” specialist, was imprisoned for five years and 10 months.

2018 (Dec). Matthew Glynn, who had expressed extreme right-wing views online, has been jailed for five years after police found an arsenal of weapons including homemade bombs at his suburban home.

2019 (Mar). Martin Stokes, 25, jailed for 5 yrs after he injured 3 people when he deliberately drove his car into a group of pedestrians outside a Muslim community centre in Cricklewood, London & hurled “racist and anti-Islamic taunts”.

2019 (Mar). Wayne Kirby, 49, a Tommy Robinson supporter was jailed for 28 days for threatening to kill Sajid Javid. He had a previous conviction for rape.

2019 (Apr). Steven Bishop, a far-right terrorist planned to bomb UK’s largest mosque in South London ‘to get justice’ for the Manchester arena attack. He was preparing explosives after becoming ‘fixated’ on the Manchester Arena bombing’s youngest victim & was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

2019 (Apr). Shane Fletcher, a white supremacist who described himself as a “big fan of Hitler”, was jailed for 9 yrs. He had tried to buy gas canisters for an explosive van attack, & compiled instructions on making pipe bombs & “improvised napalm”. He wanted to emulate the US Columbine High School attackers who shot dead 12 students in 1999.

2019 (May). Craig Totney, a supporter of neo-nazi music network Blood & Honour was sentenced to 5 years in prison after being caught with Taser, CS spray, sword & far right literature at his West Midlands home.

2019 (May). Jack Renshaw, a leading member of National Action, was jailed for life for terror plot to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper. Must serve at least 20 years in prison. It was also revealed he was a convicted paedophile who was jailed for 16 months in June 2018 for four counts of grooming adolescent boys.

2019 (Jun). 2 teenage neo-nazis from Sonnenkrieg Division, Michal Szewczuk & Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, who encouraged an attack on Prince Harry for marrying a woman of mixed race, were jailed for 4 years and 18 month detention & training order for terrorism offences. The teens used pseudonyms to run personal accounts on the Gab social media site, as well as sharing control of the Sonnenkrieg Division’s own page, on which they posted self-designed propaganda that encouraged terrorist attacks.

2019 (Jul). Daniel Ward, 28, from Birmingham, a “fanatical” neo-Nazi who called for race war was jailed for 3 yrs for belonging to banned far-right group National Action. He glorified violence, labelled Jews “cause of all evil” & said “Hitler was right”.

2019 (Sep). White supremacist David Parnham who sent “Punish a Muslim Day” letters to mosques and high-profile figures last year, encouraging violence against followers of Islam, was jailed for 12 and a half years. He pleaded guilty to 15 offences relating to hundreds of letters written between June 2016 and June 2018. They included encouraging murder, making hoaxes involving noxious substances and bombs, sending letters with intent to cause distress, and encouraging offences.

2019 (Sep). Nathan Worrell was found guilty of eight offences of stirring up racial hatred at Grimsby Crown Court and jailed for 30 months. During the trial, Worrell denied the Holocaust took place and said he had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He was previously jailed for seven years and three months (see 2008) for possessing bomb-making materials and waging a hate campaign against a mixed-race couple.

2019 (Sep). Darren Dale from Blackpool who was known for expressing extreme right wing views, was jailed for 3 years & 4 months for building a homemade taser and threatening to attack Muslims.

2019 (Sep). Vincent Fuller, a far-right terrorist who tried to kill Muslims in a rampage, the day after Christchurch attack on a mosque which killed over 50 people, was jailed for more than 18 years. He shouted “all Muslims should die” after watching a Facebook livestream broadcast by the New Zealand shooter.

2019 (Sep). Jacek Tchorzewski, 18, of High Wycombe, a neo-Nazi whose “dream” was to carry out a terrorist attack jailed for 4 years for possessing bomb-making manuals and instructions on how to make firearms.

2019 (Sep). William ‘Billy’ Charlton, a “manipulative bully” was  convicted of stirring up racial hatred in speeches at a series of rallies in the North East and was jailed for 21 months.

2019 (Sep). Jay Davison, who shared photos of himself holding a shotgun alongside anti-Muslim messages has been jailed for four years.He posted the “extremely offensive” messages in August 2018, Cardiff Crown Court heard. A jury found him guilty of stirring up religious hatred and two counts of stirring up racial hatred.

2019 (Oct). David Dudgeon from East Lothian, jailed for 2 years after he downloaded terror manuals on how to make bombs & murder people. He also possessed extreme right wing material on Holocaust denial, antisemitism, ISIS beheading videos, & info on Tommy Robinson.

2019 (Oct). Far-right security guard Pawel‌ ‌Golaszewski‌, whose views were “Islamophobic and of an extreme right-wing nature”, was jailed for more than 2 years. He collected manuals on building bombs & killing with bare hands, had a stash of knives and had looked into obtaining a gun.

2019 (Oct). Kieran Cleary, 16-year-old boy who made a potential bomb filled with shrapnel, jailed for five years. He had praised Hitler & searched extreme right & anti-Muslim material. He told friends he was going to “kill many people.”

2019 (Oct.) Ian Hargreaves was jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to two counts of sending malicious communications, possession of an offensive weapon in a public place and possession of indecent images of children. The far-right extremist threatened to kill BBC broadcasters and racially abused Lewis Hamilton.

2019. (Oct). Morgan Seales & Gabriele Longo jailed for 4 & 6 yrs after being found guilty of encouraging terrorism. They advocated copycat terror attacks on UK mosques after shootings in New Zealand. Was discussed via ‘Christian White Militia’ WhatsApp group.

2020. (Jan). 17 year-old neo-Nazi jailed for 6 years and 8 months. He identified potential targets including schools, pubs and post offices, in a “guerrilla warfare” manual. Police seized documents – including one that contained details of a plan to carry out an arson campaign against synagogues – and a collection of far-right literature from his bedroom. He was also found to have researched firearms, explosives and knives by officers who analysed his computer and mobile phone devices.

2020. (Feb.).  Sonnenkrieg Division (SKD) became the second extreme rightwing outfit to be banned as a terrorist organisation in the UK. Another order recognised extreme right wing group System Resistance Network as an alias of the already proscribed neo-Nazi organisation National Action.

2020. (Jun). Four neo-Nazi “diehards” convicted of being members of the banned terrorist group National Action were jailed.  Alice Cutter, a former Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant, and her former partner Mark Jones were convicted of membership of a terrorist group after a trial in March, alongside co-accused Garry Jack and Connor Scothern.  Cutter was jailed for three years, while Jones received a five-and-a-half-year prison term. Jack was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison, and Scothern was handed a sentence of detention for 18 months.

2020. (Jul). Feuerkrieg Division, an international neo-nazi group that largely existed online was also proscribed as a terrorist group by the UK government. FKD claimed to have dissolved in February 2020.

2020. (Jul). Jacek Tchorzewski, 19, formerly of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, was found to have “abhorrent images” including abuse of children, on his devices. He was sentenced to eight months in prison, running alongside the four-year term he was given in September 2019 after he was caught with neo-nazi terrorist material.